Jeanette & John

Jeanette & John

Thank you for considering us. We are John, Jeanette, and Veronica, a caring, committed couple married for thirteen years, with our playful, easy-going three-year-old who is so eager to have a little sister or brother. ♥

We love being parents more than anything in the world. Our adopted daughter Veronica has only deepened our commitment to family. Our love for her is unconditional, and we are ready to welcome another little one into our home in the same way. We would feel so blessed if you would allow us to love, cherish, and raise your baby through life, providing them a caring family and stable home where they can grow into exactly the person they are meant to be.

Jeanette is a linguist (6 foreign languages!) and world traveler who is passionate about bringing people and cultures together. John is a self-taught computer guru who loves to tinker on cars and other projects in his workshop. Together, we’ve been through hard times and good. Faith, family, hope, and our commitment to each other have strengthened us through each test and prepared us for the challenges and the rewards of raising children to be strong, compassionate, adventurous individuals.

Doing things as a family is our favorite thing. We live in a great area with many community resources just minutes from our home: train and carousel rides, nature centers and playgrounds, swimming and camping. We also have a big backyard, next to a woodsy park home to many wildlife.

In our family, it’s the little traditions that make life sweet: smoothies for breakfast on Saturday mornings, hunting for frogs in the backyard, playing “castle” with the sofa cushions, or cuddling up to watch the latest Disney movie together. We would love to share all these things and more with another little one!