Five Advantages to an Unplanned Pregnancy

Adoption & Surrogacy has worked with hundreds of mothers who have faced an unplanned pregnancy. Although every woman experiences a slightly different journey, there is always something that brings light to this stressful life event. Women often experience a range of emotions from depression and anxiety to gratefulness and hope. The many options and resources
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What is the Adoption Process in Florida?

Unplanned pregnancies are a reality of life that can be a challenge for women, relationships, and families. Thankfully, there are options that birth moms can take in the event of an unplanned pregnancy. If current circumstances make it difficult to provide a child with the upbringing the birth parents hope for their child, adoption is
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Unplanned Pregnancy: What Are My Options?

Finding out you’re pregnant when you’re not expecting can be a stressful experience. Surprisingly, almost half the pregnancies that occur in the United States are unplanned. Researching the options and deciding on what to do can be overwhelming if you become pregnant unexpectedly. The first step is to schedule an appointment with your physician so
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Top Qualities to Look for in an Adoption Attorney

When working with adoption attorneys, birth parents and prospective adoptive parents should be concerned about the quality of service they receive. Florida lawyers that practice in adoption law do a lot more than just file paperwork, they also facilitate the matching process for private adoptions and act as an advocate. With so much responsibility, it
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Tips for Coping with an Unplanned Pregnancy

When that little stick turns blue and you realize that you are facing an unplanned pregnancy, it is normal for your head to start to spin. Finding out about an unplanned pregnancy can be an emotional time for any woman, and coping is important to get through it. Regardless of whether you are ready to
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Myths About Placing a Baby for Adoption

myths about placing baby up for adoption

Placing a child for adoption is one of the most selfless and difficult decisions a birth mother can make. Every parenting situation is different, whether it’s adoption or an unplanned pregnancy. No matter the circumstance, every child deserves the chance to be welcomed into a loving and caring family. The available information for adoption can
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Unplanned Pregnancy? Choose Adoption with Hausmann & Hickman P.A.

unplanned pregnancy adoption

Adoption is not an easy decision for a woman to make. There are details and information that needs to be taken into account before going through with an adoption. The final decision may not be made until the end of pregnancy, or after child delivery. There are many reasons why one would choose adoption as
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Does A Pending Adoption Affect Your Taxes?

It’s tax season, and many adoptive parents or prospective adoptive parents may have questions about how their adoption affects their taxes, and what they are able to claim for the year. We have good news: in some instances, adoptive parents are eligible to claim their adoptive child as a dependent even if the adoption has
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What do you say to the woman who has agreed to make you a mother?

After months of waiting, you are notified that you have been “picked” as the adoptive family for a baby due next month. Caveat – she would like to talk with you on the phone…. Wow! Nothing could prepare you for the overwhelming sense of eagerness, excitement, and outright fear you are faced with at the
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“My Children are in State Custody”: A Birth Parent’s Right to Choose the Right Family for their Child through Private Adoption

Having your parental rights taken away can make a parent feel like they no longer have any control over their child’s future. You can think of nothing else but your child and the kind of family he or she is with. You may be thinking: Is my child safe? Are the parents too strict or
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What To Look For in a Surrogate Mother

You’ve struggled with infertility and have decided that surrogacy is the best option for starting your family. So where do you begin the search for a surrogate mother? Intended parents and surrogate mothers have a unique relationship that has the potential to create an amazing experience for both parties. Surrogate mothers and intended parents should
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Pregnant & Thinking About Adoption?

Adoption is a loving parenting choice for a child. Many birth parents and expectant mothers consider adoption when they are not in the position to meet all of the emotional and financial needs of their child. Like many parenting decisions, the adoption choice can be a difficult decision. Birth parents often express a fear that
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Adoption and Surrogacy for Same Sex Couples

A recent Sun-Sentinel article focused on the story of a same-sex couple in South Florida and their success in creating a family through surrogacy. After many attempts at conceiving through surrogacy they were able to have their first daughter, and recently they have also welcomed a set of triplets into their family. You can read their
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Interracial Adoption: Is it right for my family?

Adoption Help in Florida From Boynton Beach Adoption Attorneys

Interracial adoption, sometimes referred to as “transracial adoption”, is the adoption of children of a different race from that of their adoptive parent, and it is becoming more common. In such case, parents adopt children who are not only of a different genetic line, but of a different racial background as well. Why adopt interracially? 
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Should I Become a Surrogate Mother?

  News of surrogate parenting is everywhere and no longer are only the rich and famous able to afford it.  With today’s medical technology and fertility clinics willing to assist patients with payment plans and cycle sharing, becoming a parent using artificial reproductive technology (ART) is easier than ever. Parenthood is an amazing gift to
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The Florida Supreme Court Recognizes a Same Sex Couple’s Constitutional Right To Parent Their Children. D.M.T. v. T.M.H.

The Florida Supreme Court issued a groundbreaking opinion protecting every Florida Citizen’s Right to create and parent their own children free from discrimination based on marriage or sexual orientation.  Today, individuals and couples choose to create their families in their own unique and personal way.  Many couples turn to assisted reproductive technology and egg/sperm donation. 
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What is an Adoption Profile?

An adoption profile is a vital tool for being selected as an adoptive parent. Frequently profiles are shared with birth parents to help them get to know adoptive parents when they are trying to make a decision about the best adoptive family for their child. It is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself to
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Open Adoption? What Does That Mean?

“What do you mean, you have an open adoption?”  “How does that work?” ” I would just take that baby and never look back.” “Aren’t you worried she’ll want to take her back?”  “Is she confused on who her ‘real’ mom is?”  These are just some of the things that I hear when I tell people
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What is an Adoption Home Study?

You’ve accepted your infertility and are ready to adopt a child.  What next?  While adoption laws vary from state to state, all states agree an adoption home study on a prospective adoptive parent is required prior to the adoption of a non-relative. A home study has three primary purposes: to educate and prepare a family
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Private Adoption Today

Private adoption today is nothing like it was in years past.  Long gone are the days of “closed” adoptions, when newborns were whisked from the delivery room before a birthmother had an opportunity to request otherwise. Today’s birthmother directs her adoption plan, and in so doing provides her child the best future possible. How does
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The Benefits of Working with a Florida Adoption Attorney – A Birth Mother’s Thoughts

I see ads all across Florida promoting adoption.  As a birthmother and a proponent of adoption this is encouraging to me, but it also fills me with worries for prospective birthmothers.  I had two wonderful placements, but I knew the key to those experiences was the one on one attention I got from the small
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Alexa, A Birth Mother’s Perspective

My name is Alexa and I am a mother of five.  I have placed three of my children for adoption and I am a stay at home mom for two. My journey to becoming a birth mother began in 2005.  While going through a divorce we found out I was pregnant with a second child.
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Amy, An Adoption Practitioner

Hi, I am Amy Hickman, one of the partners and attorneys.  I am writing this blog to start a dialogue about important adoption issues.  Over fifteen years ago, I decided to dedicate my career to adoption in an effort to better the adoption placement experience for each birth mother and adoptive family with a focus
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Surrogate information

Whether you are considering becoming a surrogate, egg or embryo donor, intended parents who have identified your own surrogate, or you are beginning this journey in search of finding a surrogate, your arrangement will be handled professionally with a personal touch. We look forward to working with you.

Adoptive and birth parents share information

Private adoption has changed dramatically.Today, adoptive parents and birth parents meet and share information before the child’s birth and agree to continue after the child’s placement. Communication in each adoption is essential to the child’s best interests and the individual comfort and ease of the parties.