Tricia & Jeff

Hello and thank for you taking the time to learn who we are, and why we are on this journey. Our names are Jeff and Tricia, and we have been married for nineteen years. We have two children. Our daughter Annie isTricia and Jeff 3 eleven years old, and our son Jack is nine years old.  We have always wanted a large family, but after years of trying for more children we knew adoption was the path for us.

Early on in our marriage we worked hard to make it possible for Tricia to stay at home when we started our family. Tricia was a first grade teacher until our daughter was born.   Jeff has been blessed to worked with the same company for over twenty years.  We are a very close family and have so much love and joy to share with another child.  We believe there is no greater joy nor privilege in life Tricia and Jeff 2than to give a child unconditional love.  We will pray for you and your child during this trying time, and whatever your decision we pray that your lives are full of peace.

With respect and admiration,

Jeff and Tricia