Tania & Dan

We have known each other really all our lives. Our grandmothers were friends before our mothers were born. And our mothers were friends before we were born.

By the time we were born, our families had moved to distant places. Tania’s parents met in South America. That’s where Tania was born and learned to speak Spanish before her family moved to Florida. Dan’s parents met in Maine.tania-and-dan-2 He lived in several different states because his father was in the Navy. When we met as little kids, Dan was already making Tania laugh.

We have now been married for ten wonderful years.  Dan works in emergency management.  He loves all kinds of music, reading, and helping people.  Tania is a public interest lawyer.  She loves foreign languages, theater, and looking at the stars at night.  We have two small rescue dogs who we adore.  Toby is friendly and playful.  Jaime is sweet and cuddly.

tania-and-dan-3We love to spend quiet time at home, travel to different places, and discover new things. And we always make each other laugh. We have a lot of love and joy to offer to a child, and hope to be able to start our own family through adoption.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about us.  We hope all the best for you in your journey.