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Whether you are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering your parenting options, or have struggled with infertility and are deciding if adoption or surrogacy is right for you, we are available to answer your questions. Today, children and families are created in many ways, including by private adoption and surrogate parenting. No matter the circumstances of how a child comes into a home, every family is united and strong in love. If you are pursuing adoption in Florida or in another state, considering placing your child for adoption, or looking into reproductive technology to create your family, we are here to assist you.

Unlike a large adoption agency, the all-female staff at Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. provides personal attention and compassion with each individual situation. We are here to help you cope with an unexpected pregnancy, or create the family you desire, and welcome the opportunity to speak with you further.

Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. provides resources not only for surrogacy and adoption in Florida, but we also work with families all over the United States. We provide services to help turn your family dream into a reality. We believe that there is a family for every child and a child for every family!